Hours Of Operation

When We’re Open

Do you accept all forms of payment, or just cash?
We accept all credit cards, cash, and have also integrated online payment sources into our system.
When are you guys open for business, and how late do you stay open?
Our hours will differ from location to location, so please check on our website for the current times of operation.
How often can I expect to see new products on your shelves?
As soon as new items are available, we have them shipped to us.
How can I get a job at one of your store locations?
Just head into the location you want to work at and ask for an application.
Is it hard to run a business with so many different facets at work all at once?
It is a challenge, that’s for sure, but we enjoy multi-tasking at the highest level, and expect that from all of our employees as well.
What kinds of events can I expect to see at your store?
We aim to have an extremely diverse number of events this coming year, and will strive to keep things fresh and interesting.