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Providing libraries for group homes, homeless shelters & safe houses


The mission of the Libraries of Love Project is to provide mini-bookshelves filled with inspirational books by self-published authors only to children, teens, and young adults living in homeless shelters, safe houses, or group homes who have been impacted by sexual exploitation and abuse.

We serve children, youth, and young adults between the ages of 10 and 24. We are seeking support from self-published authors willing to donate age-appropriate inspirational, testimonial, and motivational physical books of all kinds including poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. We are also accepting handmade journals, and/or funds for purchasing quality, three-shelf bookcases for each shelter or home we adopt.

Not only will these books be an encouragment to those who receive them, but it is our prayer that our young readers will be inspired by authors - ordinary people like them - to SPEAK boldly and perhaps, publish their own stories one day.

Our project is sponsored by The Scribal Conservatory Arts & Worship Center, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, which means that your contributions are tax-deductible. Partner with us as individuals, families, civic groups, ministries, businesses and organizations to make a difference in the lives of this rising generation.

Pictured below is a hardback copy of, "Humiliation: A Story of Rape Through Art & Poetry." It serves as an example of a book donation. The book was written for two purposes: (1) To give voice to the raped-soul. It is often difficult for those who are healing to express what is happening on the inside of them. This expressive collection provides a way to breathe, feel and heal... and be heard; and (2) It is an excellent tool for those who love someone who has been sexually exploited or abused to understand what happens inside the heart, the soul.... pulling them out of rape-culture-mentality and into deep compassion, patience for the untimed healing process of their loved ones. This book is appropriate for anyone age 16 and up who has experiened sexual violence.

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The Libraries of Love Project is seeking quality inspirational and motivational books. We request that self-published authors:

  • Submit AGE APPROPRIATE content
  • Submit two copies of the book by mail
  • Submit quality, well-edited books
  • Send inspirational, motivational books with themes of perseverance, manners, self-care, cultural beauty, victory, simple prayer, positive confessions, courage to speak, testimonies of healing, setting boundaries, dreaming big, finding joy, starting a business, learning to budget, fulfilling dreams, health and fitness, self-image, managing money, adulting, choosing friends, etc. WRITTEN BY YOU!
  • Avoid submissions that are preachy, scripture heavy, extremely detailed about abuse or violence, full of church terminology, extremely long, or that require college-level reading or deep biblical understanding.

We reserve the right not to include submissions that do not contribute to our vision or purpose for this library. We do not review books in advance or offer advice on what to send. Please follow the insight in this section to see if your book is a good fit.

MAIL YOUR BOOK OR JOURNAL DONATION TO: The Scribal Conservatory, C/o Libraries of Love Project, 950 Eagles Landing Pkwy, PMB 302, Stockbridge, GA 30281.

notes & bookmarks

We have engaged in several journal projects with children, youth, and young adults between the ages of 10-24 over the years. This is our next level. If you plan to submit journals to The Libraries of Love Project as well, do so by:

  • Submitting two-five quality hand-decorated or hand-made journal donations between 5x7 to 9x12 in size. You choose. We encourage hand-decorated or hand-made journals in masculine or feminine styles. One year, a writing group donated four, well-crafted journals designed with camouflage ducktape! They ranged in color from shades of pink and red to traditional greens. Just avoid anything too bulky that could fall off over time, be uncomfortable to carry or be difficult to store.
  • Writing an AGE APPROPRIATE, encouraging quote, scripture, or short message on a notecard. Please be sure to limit your message to no more than one or two short lines. For children between ages 10-14, phrases like "You can do anything or You are great!" work fine.
  • Putting the message in an unsealed note envelope and place it inside the front cover of the journal. Leave it unsealed.
  • Including a single inspirational or handmade bookmark with each journal donation and an excellent pen pack for writing. No metal or wood bookmarks.


The Libraries of Love Project aims to involve as many local authors as possible - placing inspirational and motivational libraries everywhere they need. Three-shelf bookcases are spacious, economical, functional, and multi-personal.

They can double up to hold lamps, alarm clocks, decorative items, etc. They are easy to transport or move around in the facilities we serve. Your contribution will help us realize the fullness of this vision and expand over time.

In addition, we are expanding our vision through the "Equipping Young Authors Program," providing educational and entrepreneurial incentives around writing, publishing, and public speaking. Your contribution is helping us make a difference in the literary arena.

Our first Libraries In Love Project launches in Fall 2023 at the start of the school year, and will go year-round in our nation.

Contributing self-published authors, donors, and their projects will be highlighted throughout our program and memorialized in our annual reports and media. Questions? Send a message through our site's "Contact Us" option.

Libraries carry the stories we care about, our histories, and our future. Make your tax-deductible contribution today. Use the link below.

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